Protecting consumer safety and your own reputation

Recent high-profile cases of faulty electrical components have once again demonstrated that it pays for technology companies to invest in the services of a reputable testing and certification body. Quality and peace of mind are priceless when weighed against the potential risks of safety shortcomings: costly product recalls, lasting damage to a company’s image, and even danger to life.

Whether you are a manufacturer of components such as plugs, sockets, cord sets, connectors and cables or you are a producer of electrical devices featuring such components, consumer safety is no doubt one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, reports of consumer injuries due to the use of faulty electrical devices such as phone chargers are not uncommon. Such situations, which in some cases even involve high-profile suppliers, result in large-scale and costly product recalls which could probably have been avoided if the manufacturer had chosen to work with the right testing and certification partner.

You might think that all organisations offering testing and CE conformity services have been assessed and approved themselves, but unfortunately that is not always the case; there are some unscrupulous testing organisations operating in the market who deliver sub-standard results. Under pressure to reduce costs, some manufacturers can be tempted to skimp on testing activities. Hence, there are still many products on the market that are non-compliant, even though they may
appear to have the necessary certificates: a device may not be as safe as claimed, or it might not have been tested in line with the relevant legal standards. It is important to remember that inadequate testing of electrical products carries considerable risks. As a result, manufacturers (or their clients) could be putting consumers at risk of potentially dangerous situations. This in turn could force a recall of their products, leading to serious consequences for their finances and reputation.

Independent partner for manufacturers
Therefore, as global trade increases, products become more complex and an ever-greater number of suppliers are involved in the supply chain, it is advisable for manufacturers who source
components such as plugs, sockets, cord sets, connectors and cables for use in their end products to double-check which organisation has issued the safety certificate for each component. Has it been tested by a reputable notified body and in line with relevant standards? To ensure maximum certainty, it can be useful to enlist the help of an independent partner such as DEKRA to monitor compliance with safety standards.

Proactive role
By partnering with DEKRA, which is an approved notified body, you are assured of working with a trusted testing and certification organisation with many years of experience and a large, international network of satisfied customers. Thanks to the proactive role of our experts in various standards committees, we are always fully up to date on any developments and legislative changes, which ensures that we always test and certify products in line with the very latest standards. To fully maximise efficiency, you can involve DEKRA as early as the R&D phase to anticipate any potential problems and tailor the design accordingly.

Globally consistent
Furthermore, our global presence enables your products to be tested not only effectively but also efficiently for sale in various parts of the world, such as Brazil, USA, China, Singapore and Russia. Right around the globe, all of our local offices base their testing and certification activities on the same internationally accepted quality and safety standards. Our own KEMA-KEUR safety mark enjoys worldwide recognition and represents an additional testing and certification option
alongside the other national and international standards. To learn more about what you can do to minimise the risk of electrical faults and product recalls, contact us.

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