Update of the Mexican standard NMX-J-521-ANCE

The Mexican government has published new standard: NMX-J-521/1-ANCE-2012. This standard will replace NMX-J-521/1-ANCE-2005. The new version of the NMX-J-521/1-ANCE-2012 was issued to pair the requirements of the International Standard IEC60335.

This change will have an impact on all the products that are currently tested under the 2005 version of the standard. Implementation of the new standard is divided in 4 phases.

The 1st phase came into force in October 2013. In this phase appliances shall be tested according to additions and specifications of Part 2 from NMX-J-521-ANCE series. Among the products considered in Parts 2 are the following: vacuum cleaners, electric irons, tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, refrigerators, blenders, toasters, ovens, room heaters, whirlpool baths, etc. (please click here: ANCE ANNEX.pdf for a complete list).

The 2nd phase will come into force on 22 April 2014. In this phase new requirements and tests are added, mainly concerning abnormal operation (e.g. short circuit testing), construction requirements and protection against fire.

In the 3rd phase new requirements and test are added concerning mainly transient voltages, fault conditions of electronic circuits, construction, software evaluation, clearances and creepage distances. This phase will come into force on 22 April 2015.

The 4th phase will come into force on 22 April 2016. In this phase new requirements and test are added mainly concerning Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

DEKRA can help you to make sure your products comply with the 2012 version of the standard. Please contact us for more information.

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