IP3X and IP4X test update

The IECEE committee recently discussed the interpretation of the IP3X and IP4X test requirements. This was because there was some uncertainty about the probing provisions. The note to Clause 13.3 of IEC 60529 states that the specified probes may not be sufficient for full ingress protection verification. For this reason additional tests may be required.

This is relevant if the device under test includes a labyrinth or similar structure which will prevent entry of the standard test probe but might still allow entry of a spherical foreign object.

The committee decided that, as the probes are intended to simulate spherical foreign objects, it may be necessary to use test wires or balls if the potential entry path is indirect or tortuous. However, it may then be difficult to apply the required test force. In such cases access openings will have to be created for the test probes or the drawings will have to be studied to determine if entry of foreign objects is possible.

Further to this decision by the IECEE committee, our test engineers will use wires or spherical objects where the design of the product could lead to ingress of such objects, even when a test probe would not enter the product. This will ensure full compliance of your products with the IP code rules and regulations.

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