DEKRA accredited for Zhaga Specification Book 6

As one of the members of Zhaga we closely follow all of the developments within the consortium and apply for accreditation for testing to new Specification Books. We were recently accredited to test light engines to Specification Book 6: compact socketable light engines with integrated control gear.

These light engines have a nominal diameter of 90 mm, a depth of 42 mm and a GH76p base. Their light distribution is suitable for use with small reflectors, thus enabling the design of compact luminaires. This design is also facilitated by the light engine holder dimensions. Light engines of this type can be used for downlighters as well as for pendant, wall mount and recessed luminaries (or any other application the luminaries manufacturer sees fit).

Zhaga Specification Book 6 should be used together with Specification Book 1, Overview and Common Information. It specifies requirements that are common to all light engines defined in the various specification books.

Please contact us if  you are planning to market Specification Book 6 light engines or luminaries and are looking for a test and certification partner. You can also meet us at the following lighting industry events:

FHI LED Event, 19 - 21 November 2013, where we will be giving a presentation about Zhaga

Strategies in Light, 27 November 2013

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