Ready for ErP testing of lighting products

As you know, the EU's EcoDesign Directive defines a range of requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP) and introduces new labelling requirements. The new requirements, which apply to LED lamps, other light sources and numerous other products, came into force in September 2013.

The lighting industry was already familiar with labelling of light sources, but starting March 2014 luminaries must be labelled at the point of sale as well. Also the technical requirements for products have been increased especially for  LED light sources and directional lamps.

We have carefully analysed the requirements and now offer a full range of ErP testing services for lighting products (lamps, LED modules, control gear and luminaires) and can also advise you on energy labelling requirements.

Our services cover the following directives and regulations:

- 2009/125/EC - Ecodesign Directive
- 2010/30/EC - Energy labelling Directive
- 244/2009/EC - Ecodesign regulation - non-directional household lamps
- 1194/2009/EC - Ecodesign regulation - fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast, HID lamps, and ballasts and luminaires for these lamps
- 874/2012/EC - Energy labelling of electrical lamps and luminaires

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