Ingress protection testing scope extended to IPX9K

We have long experience of testing products for protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects and water (IP testing). But our scope has been extended. Now we can also subject products to high pressure/ steam jet cleaning tests for the IPX9K rating.

During this test the product is exposed to water jets with a pressure of 80 to 100 bar and a temperature of 80°C, from a nozzle at four different angles.

The IPX9K test is primarily intended for products used in automotive applications or in the food and beverage industry which are likely to be jet washed. However, it is equally applicable to other devices and enclosures which may be exposed to extreme conditions, due to the weather or the operating environment. Many of our customers ask for this test as it enables them to demonstrate that their products offer the highest degree of protection.

These tests are undertaken to DIN 40050 part 9, IEC 60529 and ISO 20653, which all address Degrees of protection (IP code) – Protection of electrical equipment against foreign objects, water and

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