Energy efficiency labelling in the European Union

The European Union has published the new Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EU which will replace the old labelling directive dating from 1992.

The scope of the new directive has been extended to include a wider range of products in the commercial and industrial sector, including energy-using and energy-related products. It also provides a legal basis for extending the scope to other consumer products such as televisions, water heaters and boilers. The current scale from A to G will be extended with three more classes (A+, A++ and A+++). Measures setting the details on top of the new directive will be published in stages. Currently in preparation are requirements for televisions, vacuum cleaners, tumble driers, washing machines and dish washers. Member states are obliged to include these requirements in their national laws by 20 June 2011 and the previous directive will no longer apply from 21 July 2011.


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