Changes in the implementation of Resolution 92/98 in Argentina

There are some modifications to the Compulsory Certification Scheme for Safety of Electrical-Electronic products in Argentina.

These changes consist the following:

a) The requirements for including electrical-electronic products in a single certificate, as belonging to the same product family: All products included in the same certificate must fulfil the following conditions:
   1. Same use
   2. Same working principle / working technology
   3. Same applicable standard
   4. Same manufacturer
   5. Same manufacturing location
   6. Same manufacturing technology
   7. Same voltage range
   8. Same insulation class
   9. Same distribution and protection against electric shock of live parts.
   10. Same IP degree.
   11. Same or equivalent Critical Component list.
   12. Same rated power (within a range)

This definition of a product family is applicable for certificates issued after 1 January 2013. Certificates issued before this date must be modified to fulfil the above mentioned requirements at the moment of performing the relevant product surveillance activity.

You can apply for the withdrawal of factories which are not likely to produce IRAM certified products in order to minimize the impact of this new regulation.

There will be some more clarifications in order to clearly establish the requirements pursuant to comply with this regulation (specially concerning the need of shipping samples). In case you want to start with the modification right now, it is strongly suggested to ship a sample (cleared by the importer through the procedure established by Disposition DNCI 178/00) for each new certificate to be issued.

b) As informed in May 2012, after 1 January 2013 all certificates (including modifications & endorsements) based on foreign certificates with an agreement with IRAM must include a reduce testing & verification activity made by a Local Laboratory. Relevant samples must be cleared by the importer through the procedure established by Disposition DNCI 178/00.

c) Finally, the use of wildcards within the model designation are not accepted unless the different values & meaning that such wildcard can have are clearly shown.

Wherever you export to, DEKRA can advise you on the latest standards and other requirements.

In case you need any further clarification or help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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