Brazil - microwave ovens (INMETRO Ordinance 497)

Until recently, microwave ovens for the Brazilian market were exempt from INMETRO Ordinance 371 which covers most other household appliances. As of 28 December 2012, microwave ovens will be covered by Ordinance 497 which is very similar to 371.

The main difference is that the energy efficiency of the ovens must be tested to determine whether it is in compliance with the requirements. These tests must be carried out in Brazil by an ILAC-accredited laboratory. The certificates are valid for three years and annual factory inspection is also required.

Microwave ovens must also undergo safety tests to IEC 60335-1 (General requirements for Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety -) and IEC 60335-2-25 (Household and similar electrical appliances -: Particular requirements for microwave ovens, including combination microwave ovens). 

Please contact us for further information about the test requirements, sample, documentation, etc.

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