Workshop: Chemical Legislation Requirements

Companies are facing increasing chemical requirements in Europe, Asia-Pacific and America. EPPA, Deloitte, SCAS and DEKRA are organizing a half-day joint workshop that will provide you an overview of current developments regarding chemical legislation in Europe and Asia ans substance-ban initiatives in these regions.

During the workshop you will learn how to comply with REACH and Asia-Pacific chemical legislations in a cost-efficient way, ensure a global chemical safety in consumer products, migitate impact on your supply chain and learn some of the lessons from the past years. Attached you will find the agenda.

Please feel free to inform us on your special points of interest or company-specific questions in advance. We will try then to address these issues.

Participation is free but the number of seats is limited. The registration is open to producers, importers and traders of chemical products and manufacturers of finished products.

We will be happy to accept your confirmation until 26 January 2012.  For registration please send following information:
- Tilte, name, first name
- Company
- Address
- Telephone
- E-mail

Carine Renaer

We are looking forward to the pleasure of welcoming you.

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