Costa Rica - Approving Technical Regulation RTCR 497: 2018

Technical regulation on Electrical Materials, Boards and Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers, Switches, Sockets, Plugs and Connector Cords up to 1000 V.  Draft Decree, January 2019.


On 29 January 2019, Costa Rica notified the WTO of a draft decree from the Ministry of Economy and Trade on a Technical Regulation for thermo-magnetic boards and circuit breakers, general-purpose switches, outlets, plugs and cord connectors with voltages up to 1000 V, for use in electrical installations in residential, commercial and hospital-grade buildings, established in Annex A of this Regulation. The technical regulation is applicable to domestic producers and importers.


General Provisions and Specifications:

The purpose of this Regulation is to establish requirements for the safety of people and property. Covered electrical products must be certified as compliant with the conditions for their installation and use and meet the technical requirements of at least one of the technical standards indicated in the table in Annex A.


 Prior to placing the product in the national market:

  • Both domestic producers and importers of the products, must present to the ECA evidence of the corresponding documentation, which demonstrates compliance with the conformity assessment procedure, for which, the Declaration of Compliance is indicated in Annex B of this regulation.
  • The Declaration of Compliance must be supported by the results of conformity assessment.


Marking and Labelling:

The electrical products contained in this regulation, and which are marketed in Costa Rican territory, must comply with the marking provisions that are part of the manufacturing standards for those products included in the Annex TO. These products must be marked legibly and clearly on the product or in its packaging with the conformity mark of the product in accordance with Annex A. Electrical boards, electrical outlets, switches, plugs, and connectors must be labelled legibly and clearly or on its packaging, with the data listed below, according to its characteristics of use and installation. For the purpose of the marking provisions, the information must always be as per the units of the International System (SI) Law No. 5292 of August 9, 1973.


It will be the responsibility of the national producer, importer or its representative to keep a copy of the Declaration of Compliance and the documents that support it for a period of not less than 5 years.


This Technical Regulation has been notified to other member countries of the WTO, for their observations and therefore is in consultation from January 29 to March 29, 2019.

This Technical Regulation will enter into force 6 months after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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