Belarus enforced updated requirements for Radio/Telecom products starting January 1, 2019

Belarus National Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY has been approved with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 469 dated 20 June 2018.



"Technical Regulation of the Republic of Belarus: Telecommunication Facilities: Safety. TR 2018/024/BY" became mandatory from 01.01.2019  and cancelled the previous mandatory requirements set forth in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus # 849/2016 (clause 10 of the List of Products - which is Annex to the Resolution 849/2016  



Products to be approved in acc. with the TR/2018/024/BY need to be marked with TR BY mark. End products containing RF modules (e.g. notebook or washing machine with Wi-Fi) need to have a Belarus Approval in acc. with TR/2018/024/BY and shall be marked with mandatory TR BY mark. Conformity approval is performed in form of Certification or Declaration (specific lists of products which are subject to Certification or Declaration procedure are provided in the Annexes 1 and 2 respectively of TR/2018/024/BY). A Certificate can be received instead of a Declaration (in case of CoC - Local Representative is not required). Local testing in Belarus is required both for Certification and Declaration.


The main difference of the new TR/2018/024/BY from previous requirements (Resolution 849/2016) is mandatory marking (TR BY) and mandatory in-country testing.

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