FCC: Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity

Reference: 47 CFR Part 2, Part 15

Introduction: Streamline the Self-Approval ProcessThe Order would combine those processes into one, called the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. This will both simplify and reduce burdens associated with the equipment authorization process.

§ 2.1074 Identification. (Voluntary FCC LOGO)
Devices subject to authorization under Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity may be labeled with the following logo on a voluntary basis as a visual indication that the product complies with the applicable FCC requirements.

§ 2.909 Responsible party.
For equipment subject to Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity the party responsible for the compliance of the equipment with the applicable standards, who must be located in the United States.
Test report should be signed as the responsible party designated in § 2.909.
Note: They can have an official authorized representative sign in their behalf and he/she can be located outside of the United States.

§ 2.950 Transition periods. (From November 2, 2017 to November 2, 2018)
Radio frequency devices that would have been considered eligible for authorization under either the verification or Declaration of Conformity procedures that were in effect prior to November 2, 2017 may continue to be authorized until November 2, 2018 under the appropriate procedure in accordance with the requirements that were in effect immediately prior to November 2, 2017

§ 15.101 Equipment authorization of unintentional radiators.
Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) given in subpart J of part 2 of this chapter, as follows:


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