Korea: RRA changes MSIP ID to R ID

Effective date: December 5, 2017

Major Changes:
1. According to RRA Notice 2017-14, RRA (National Radio Research Agency) changes the initial of certification ID from MSIP to R since Deccember 5, 2017. The certification id format is as below.

? R (KCC Certification)
? Type: C (Certification) / R (Registration) / I (Interim)
? Product Category: R (Radio/ Wireless) / T (Telecommunication) / E (Electromagnetic Wave) / M (Multi Function)
? Applicant Category: M (Manufacturer) / I (Importer) / S (Seller)
?Oversea applicant is always a Manufacturer.
? Company code
? Product code: 14 digitals at most, including hyphen and underline.

2. Labelling
1) It’s necessary to print KC Logo , R ID and KCC information on both product itself and its packaging. If the packaging material is transparent and allows consumers to see the label on product surface, there is no need to print KC logo and R ID on product packaging.
2) KCC information contains certificate holder’s name, product model name, C/O and the manufacturing date (year/month). It’s an option to place KCC information in the user‘s manual or digital user’s manual, if the product doesn’t have enough space for it. But it’s a must to place KC logo and R ID on the product itself, and not less than 5 mm.

3. Applicants can choose to apply R ID or MSIP ID before June 30, 2018, but only R ID is applicable from July 1st, 2018.

4. No need to change to R ID for products already certified with MSIP ID when shipping to Korea.

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