Uzbekistan: OZ mark labelling and packaging requirements

Effective date: October, 2017

Major Changes:

  1. The telecommunication equipment shall be provided with a legible, easily readable and user-accessible marking that is maintained throughout the life of the equipment.
  2. The marking that is affixed to telecommunications equipment shall contain the following information for the consumer:
  • name of equipment, type, model, modification, trade name, serial number;
  • name, trademark or trademark of the manufacturer;
  • name of the country of origin;
  • a sign of conformity;

  • operating voltage or voltage range;
  • a conventional designation of the type of current, if the nominal frequency is not specified;
  • the degree of protection against the ingress of solid particles and moisture provided by the containment;
  • symbols of safety and disposal methods for chemical sources of current;
  • information on the nominal consumed or useful power, or the rated current;
  • mass of equipment.
  1. The package marking shall contain information on the name of the manufacturer and (or) its trademark, name and designation of telecommunications equipment (type, model, modification, trade name), date of manufacture, conformity mark.
  2. If the information in paragraph 2 cannot be applied to telecommunications equipment, they are indicated in the operating documents and on the packaging.


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