Mexico: new requirements for lamp controlgear

The Mexican Standard NOM-058-SCFI-2017  aims to reduce risks and protect people and/or property from damage caused by the malfunction or failure of lamp controlgea; and will enter into force on February 11, 2018.

The standard applies to controlgear for artificial light sources in general lighting purposes, including indoor, outdoor and street lighting of the following technologies: gas discharge, light-emitting diode, semiconductor, solid state element, or other artificial light. It does not apply to voltage transformers for halogen lamps (dichroic) and / or LED.

Chapter 5 of the Standard covers the requirements for the specifications of lamp controlgear. This is to reduce to risk of damage to people or property caused by malfunction or failure such as protecting against electric shock, overheating etc. Chapter 7 of the Standard prescribes the methods of testing that should be used. The methods of testing that should be applied are from the Regulations in Chapter 2 of this Standard, and any others specifically mentioned. Chapter 8 describes what markings should be placed on the product:

• nominal voltages or range of voltages of power
• symbol for the nature of the feed
• rated frequency of power (where applicable)
• current of line for each one of the nominal power voltage or range of current for one electronic multitension controller
• quantity (if it is for more than one lamp) and power of the lamps
• type of lamp
• current of lamp controllers for fluorescent lamps
• name and address of the manufacturer 's national importer or supplier
• brand of the controller
• catalog, model or specific designation of the controller
• legend 'Made in Mexico', or indication of the country of origin
• date of manufacture
• period of warranty indicating time and conditions
• diagram of connections
• legend to indicate that, making changes to lamp or lamps, one should de-energise the controller
• indicate whether the controller is thermoprotected or class P
• thermal class
• declaration that in its construction capacitors that contain biphenyls polychlorinated (PCBs) were not used.

The Standard also covers conformity procedures for lamp controlgear and states that the Mexican Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer and the Ministry for Economy are responsible for monitoring the implementation of this Standard.


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