Ecuador: technical regulation for televisions with built-in tuners

The Ecuadorian Ministry of industry and productivity adopted the Resolution 17199 on April 28, 2017, which approves the first revision of the country's technical regulation for televisions with built-in tuners supporting digital television standard ISDB-T international.    

The revised technical regulation lays down the requirements with which televisions and their complete knock downs kit must comply. In addition, it specifies the characteristics of the label that must be affixed to the television in order to prevent practices that may be mislead the user. The technical regulation applies to integrated fullscreen television signal receiving equipment supporting International ISDB-T standards which are used in Ecuador, and is mandatory for all equipment that is manufactured, assembled, imported and marketed in the Ecuadorian territory. 

The technical regulation applies to televisions and CKDs kit of televisions that are included in the tariff classification presented under article 2.2. Pursuant to  article 4.1, products covered by the technical regulation must operate in accordance with the nominal voltage and frequency conditions of Ecuador to ensure ittheirnormal operation and security. Article 4.2 stipulates that televisions and CKDs kit for assembly must meet the minimum requirements set out under article 4.2.

Labelling for television receivers based on the International ISDB-T standard must meet the requirements described under article 5. These include:  

- specifying whether the receiver has the ISDB-T digital television standard tuner International; 

- specifying whether the receiver allows the display of high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) images;

- indicating if the apparatus is ISDB-T full-seg broadcast reception middleware;

- affixing label on the apparatus and on packaging; etc. 

Pursuant to article 6, assessment of conformity of the products covered by the technical regulation must be made for each brand and model of television and CKDs kits. 

Article 7 goes on to indicate that the conformity verification shall be made using an accurate and reproducible measurement method, taking into account the state of the art as provided in ABNT NBR 15604. 

Article 9 prescribes that, prior to the placing on the market of the domestic and imported products covered by the technical regulation, compliance must be demonstrated by means of a certificate of conformity issued by an accredited certification body.


The revised technical regulation enters into force on June 14, 2017 and repeals existing Resolution 13490, 2013.

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