Paraguay: New legislation proposed on management of batteries for domestic use

The bill S-136242 has been approved on 26 April and is now under consideration of the Paraguayan Senate.

Aiming at the protection of human health, natural resources and the environment, the bill contains obligations of manufacturers, assemblers, importers and marketers of batteries in Paraguay, imposing requirements also to the consumer and local municipality.

According to Article 12, the order of priority in the integral management of batteries is established based on the best available techniques and best environmental practices in the matter:

1) prevention or minimisation;
2) recycling;
3) energy recovery;
4) treatment.
5) final disposal.

The draft prohibits the manufacture, assembly, import, transit, transport, storage and marketing of household batteries regardless of their shape, volume, weight or composition whose contents exceed:

  • 0.010% by weight of mercury;
  • 0.015% by weight of cadmium;
  • 0.200 by weight of lead;
  • 25 mg of mercury in miniature and button batteries.

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