Serbia: New regulation for energy efficiency labelling of household ovens and range hoods

The new regulation has become effective as of 16 March 2017

The Serbian Ministry of Energy and Mining has adopted a regulation which describes the requirements for energy efficiency labeling of household electrical and gas ovens, as well as hoods. 

As specified in Article 4, suppliers of ovens and hoods are required to ensure: 

  1. The placement of one or more printed labels on the products, with its content and layout in accordance with article 6(1) and Section 1 of Annex 3;
  2. The availability of data sheets on the oven, in accordance with Article 7(1);
  3. That the technical documentation laid down in Article 8(1) is available upon request of the competent authorities;
  4. That all advertisements and sales of certain models of ovens indicate the energy efficiency class, energy consumption and price;
  5. That any promotional material describes the technical characteristics and contain the energy efficiency class of the model;
  6. That there is a label (or code) in electronic form, the contents of which is specified in Article 6(1) and whose layout and design is in line with Section 1 of Annex 3;
  7. That the list of data in electronic form, in accordance with Article 7(1), is available to vendors. 

Article 5 establishes sellers of ovens and hoods must ensure:   

  1. That the front or top of the device displays in a clear and visible manner the label provided by the supplier or that the label is in close proximity to the device so that it is visible;
  2. That the ovens are accompanied by the data provided by the supplier, including:

- Name of the supplier or trade mark;

- Supplier's model identifier, or code;

- Energy efficiency class of the model, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Annex 1;

- Energy consumption per cycle.

  1. That any advertisement shows the energy efficiency class;
  2. That any promotional material describes its specific technical characteristics and the energy efficiency class of the model. 

The aforementioned labels should display the following information, as described in Article 6:

  1. The name of the supplier or trade mark;
  2. The supplier's model identifier, or code;
  3. The source of energy;
  4. The energy efficiency class, determined in accordance with paragraph 1 of Annex 1;
  5. The usable volume (in liters);
  6. The electricity consumption per cycle. 

The technical documentation should contain the information described in Article 8, including:

  1. The name and seat or address for communications;
  2. The description of the model;
  3. The technical characteristics. 

The information to be provided to consumers in distance sales is specified in Article 9, whilst Article 10 indicates the information to be given in the case of online sales.

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