CRC Extends Effective Date for New Resolution.

The effective date for Resolucion 5031 de 2016 has been postponed to July 8, 2017. 

Major Changes:


  1. Last October, CRC published a new resolution, Resolucion 5031 de 2016; all mobile phones, satellite connected devices, and devices connected to the Public Switching Telephone Network (PSTN) must obtain formal homologation.
  2. All mobile terminal equipment that operates in Colombian mobile bands (850MHz, 1900 MHz, [AWS] 1700/2100 MHz, y/o 2500 MHz) independently if transmitting data and/or voice will be required to obtain type approval at CRC.
  3. The new resolution does not affect manufacturers, importers and distributors of mobile voice terminal equipment (typically mobile phones), since these are already required to obtain homologation.
  4. In order to accommodate the high volume of requests that have been received, under Resolucion 5068 de 2016, CRC has extended the effective date to July 8th, 2017.




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