Argentina ENACOM releases new test standard

Argentina ENACOM releases new test standard for Low Power Devices. It was published in Official Bulletin the Resolution ENACOM 6038/2016 with a revised test standard for Low Power Devices “ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V16.1”.  

Among others the main points to be considered are: 

  • The number of samples has been significantly reduced. Three samples are not required anymore. In contrast just one radiate sample would be enough if the sample can be configured for low/high channel. Otherwise, if channel selection cannot be set up on one sample, a maximum of two samples are required, one configured in low channel and the other configured in high channel.
  • Modular approval for Low Power Devices is now allowed.
  • Similarity for Low Power Devices is now allowed as long as the RF transmitter and antenna is exactly the same on the devices claimed to be similar.

Transaction period: Upcoming Renewals and current radiate testing done under the old standard (CNC-Q2-6014 V12.1) will be accepted for 180 days since publishing date of the resolution (02/08/2016). After that period of time, retesting under the new standard will be required.

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