Vietnam: Notification of Declaration of Conformity Acceptance Letter by Mic

All kind of lithium batteries (standalone or integrated in hosts) to be used on hand held equipment (e.g. cell phones, tablet PC, notebook) that are produced or imported in Vietnam are required to have a Declaration of Conformity Acceptance Letter in compliance with QCVN101:2016/BTTTT. This regulation is mandatory as per April 1st 2017.

All certified products equipped or using lithium batteries manufactured before  April 1st 2017. are exempted from Declaration of Conformity Acceptance until the certificates are expired. 

Declaration of Conformity Acceptance Letter will be issued based on any of the following documents:

  • Test report compliance with QCVN101:2016/BTTTT issued by local accredited labs
  • Test Report issued an accredited lab (ISO17025) according to the standards IEC 61960 and IEC 62133 and not older than 2 years.

It is also mentioned that Declaration of Conformity Acceptance Letter can only be requested by local agents or local importers. Please notice that per  April 1st 2017., manufactures will need to provide test reports for lithium batteries for MIC/ DoC approval in Vietnam.

Reference: QCVN 101: 2016/BTTTT

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