Regulations for plugs and sockets used in consumer electronics

Electrical equipments with plugs with 2 or 3 pines (code B2 and B6), fixed or mobile sockets with 2 or 3 contacts, power Cord, the extension cord and power cord, removable or not removable, exported to Brazil must comply with the Inmetro Resolution No. 8 of August 31, 2009.

Plugs with 2 or 3 pins, fixed or mobile made of 2 or 3 contacts, the connector cord, the cord and chain extender cord, removable or not incorporated or sold in electronic equipment, exported to Brazil must comply with the NBR 14136:2002.

The schedule is:
- Goods imported into Brazil must comply with the above regulations as per 01-01-2010
- Wholesalers and retailers must commercialize only electrical equipment with the above regulations as per 01-07-2011 

Note: This Report does not apply to manufacturers of plugs and sockets

The illustrative figures in the attached PDF show the new plugs and sockets

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