Korea: Notification of Changes to Electrical Appliances Safety Control Regulation by KATS

KATS in Korea announced some changes in regulations for the safety control of electrical appliances. The changes refer to KATS Notice No. 276.

The major changes are:
1) Changes of Enforcement rule: Validity period of self-regulatory safety confirmation registration has been changed from 5 years to 5 up to 10 years, depending on the risk level assessed.
2) Electrical appliances for use with a rated voltage not exceeding AC or DC 1000V are subject to the KC mark, while the products with a rated voltage not exceeding AC 30V and DC 42V are excluded from the KC mark, unless hazardous effects remain.
3) In case of cables and cords, switches for electrical appliances, circuit breakers and products for use with AC voltage are subject to the KC mark.
4) Deleted regulation of Energy Density ≥ 400Wh/L for Lithium batteries. Now all rechargeable batteries require the KC safety confirmation and only rechargeable batteries less than 400Wh/L will be regulated from April 2016.
4) Clarification of product names subject to the KC mark to enhance public communication
- Convergence electrical products will be classified according to their primary functions
- Revision of “Telephone connection terminals” to “Connecting devices used with telephones”
- “Electrical stoves (inclusive of ignition from heating elements)“ are classified into ”pellet stoves (inclusive of ignition from heating elements)“ and ”electrical stoves“, which do not have the conditional clause.

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