New version of IEC 60601 for medical electrical equipment published

IEC 60601-2-8:2010+A1:2015 is now published. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC 60601-2-8. This edition constitutes a technical revision which brings this standard in line with the third edition of IEC 60601-1 and its collateral standards. This consolidated version consists of the second edition (2010) and its amendment 1 (2015). 

IEC 60601-2-8:2010+A1:2015 establishes particular basic safety and essential performance requirements for therapeutic X-ray equipment with nominal X-ray tube voltages in the range 10 kV to 1 MV when connected to alternating current supply mains. It includes the requirements for accuracy and reproducibility of performance to the extent that these are related to radiation quality and the quantity of ionizing radiation produced and thus must be considered as aspects of safety.

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