Uzbekistan will require Energy Labelling for Household Appliances from 1 January 2016

From 1 January 2016, Uzbekistan will introduce a requirement for labelling and provision of technical documentation on the energy efficiency class of household appliances.

Resolution No. 86, enacted by the Cabinet of Ministers on 9 April 2015, sets out a framework for the mandatory energy labelling of specified household products imported into or sold within the territory of Uzbekistan and additional provision of technical documentation on the product's efficiency status. The Resolution prescribes that energy efficiency be designated on a «A», «B», «C», «D», «E», «F», «G» scale, with «A» denoting products of the highest efficiency. Supplementary classes «A +» and «A ++» may be used to signify that a particular appliance has achieved a level beyond class «A».

The requirement will apply to household refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, air conditioners and fans, electric ovens, dishwashers, microwave ovens, televisions, electric water heaters, electrical heating appliances, monitors and lamps.

Beyond the January implementation date, the Resolution provides for a gradual phase out of the import and sale of household appliances with energy efficiency class «G», «F» and «E», from 1 January 2017, January 1, 2018 and 1 January 2019 respectively.

Under Article 2, household appliances which have been placed under the temporary storage or customs warehouse regimes before 1 January 2016 will not be subject to the provisions of this measure until 1 July 2016.

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