Colombia publishes new mandatory energy efficiency labeling Resolution No. 41012

On 18th September 2015, the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy issued Resolution No. 41012 approving technical regulations on the energy efficiency labeling of specific electrical and gas powered products.

These comprehensive technical regulations (100 pages) require mandatory energy efficiency labeling for the following product categories: 

  1. Air conditioners, 
  2. Household refrigerators,
  3. Commercial refrigerators,
  4. Lighting ballasts, 
  5. Single phase induction motors, 
  6. Three-phase induction motors, 
  7. Household electric washing machines, 
  8. Electric water heaters, 
  9. Gas accumulation (tank) water heaters, 
  10. Gas tankless water heaters, and 
  11. Gas household cooking appliances

Products must bear an energy efficiency label that has a yellow background and includes energy efficiency grades and information. Information on the label must be in Spanish (although other languages together with Spanish are permitted). 

The resolution sets out specific requirements for each product category, including testing methods and standards, energy efficiency grades, examples of labels etc. as well as conformity assessment requirements and monitoring, registration and supervision.

These requirements are effective from 31st August 2016.

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