Korea Notification of Changes to Electrical Appliances Safety Control Regulation

The Korean Electrical Appliances Safety Control Regulation has recently been modified and the new regulation will take effect from August 1st, 2015.

The purpose of this modification is to ensure rationalization of the regulation and for enhancement of the transparency and reliability of the safety management system. The enforcement rule of "Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act" has been amended to extend the validity period of Self-Regulatory Safety Confirmation Registration from 5 years to 5 up to 10 years depending on risk level, to define more precisely product scopes subjects to KC mark, to clarify the name of products, and to change the scope of lithium rechargeable battery in the efforts of improvement and complement of Electrical Appliances Safety Control Operation Bulletin.

Here are the major changes:
i) Changes of Enforcement rule: Validity period of Self-regulatory safety confirmation registration has been changed from 5 years to 5 up to 10 years depending on the risk level assessed

ii) Electrical appliances for use with a rated voltage being not exceeding a.c. or d.c. 1000V are subject to KC mark, while the products with a rated voltage being not exceeding a.c. 30V and d.c. 42V are excluded from KC mark unless hazardous effects remain. (Details refer to the new controlled goods list)

iii) Changes of regulations for industrial use or specific purposed large scale products to apply for appropriate electrical ratings per each product

iv) For cables and cords, switch for electrical appliances, and circuit breakers, they are subject to KC mark only when they are for use with AC voltage

v) Clarification of product names subject to KC mark to enhance public communication 
- Convergence electrical products will be classified according to their primary functions 
- Revision of “Telephone connection terminals” to “Connecting devices used with telephones”
- Electrical stove (inclusive of ignition from heating elements)“ is classified into ”pellet stove (inclusive of ignition from heating elements)“ and ”electrical stove“ which does not have the conditional clause

vi) Revision of particular scopes for batteries to ensure the safety

vii) Revision of other details necessary for electrical appliances safety management

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