New product safety rules for Philippines

Philippines has drafted a new DAO called 'The New Rules and Regulations Concering the Product Safety Certification Scheme of the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS)', which Merges DAO No. 4 and 5 into one technical regulation and it gives a clear picture of product safety certification.

It indicates three kinds of certification:

  • Mandatory Certification
    The products that pose a threat to life and safety are in this scheme, like household appliances, lamps and related products, wires and cables, etc.
  • Mandatory Labeling with Self-Declaration of Conformity
    For electronic & electrical products, like air conditioners, refrigerators and ballasts. It mainly refers to the requirements of energy efficiency.
  • Voluntary Self-Declaration of Conformity
    A company may, at its option, provide a statement relative to product conformity, if the products are not in above two schemes.

It also indicates two schemes for product certification:

  • Locally and Foreign Manufactured/Assembled Products under the Product Safety (PS)
    Certification Scheme
    Besides the testing, factory audit by BPS will be also needed. The validity of the certificate will be 3 years.
    Philippine PS mark.png
  • Imported Products (ICC)
    Sampling and testing shall be done at the country of origin thru batch testing in accordance with the requirements of the specific standard. It’s valid for each batch.
    Philippine ICC mark.png

The Bureau of Philippine Standards will develop a new CoC Mark to replace PS mark and ICC mark. We will keep you updated on further developments.

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