CCC standard update for thermal-links

GB 9816.1-2013 (based on IEC 60691:2002), which was issued on 31 December 2013, will be mandatory from13 July 2015.

From 9 February 2015 to 12 July 2015 customers can apply for CCC according to the 2013 or 2008 version of the new standard for new applications. From 13 July 2015, CCC licenses will be
issued according to GB 9816.1-2013 only.

Applicants should apply standard upgrade for available CCC licenses with standard in 2008 version before next annual CQC factory inspection.

All related CCC licenses should be updated before 13 July 2016. CQC will suspend all CCC licenses issued according to GB 9816-2008 from 13 July 2016. CCC licenses issued according to GB 9816-2008 will be cancelled from 13 October 2016.

Please contact us for more information on this subject.

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