DEKRA Registered as Testing Laboratory in SASO System

At the start of 2015, we are happy to announce that DEKRA laboratory in Guangzhou (South China) is now registered as testing laboratory within the SASO system (Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization) for the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP). 

According to SEEP, the controlled products should be tested in an authorized laboratory and in order to be registered in the SEEP system. With this new development DEKRA can not only provide Energy Efficiency test services, but also the product registration service with local support from Saudi Arabia.

The mandatory scope includes:
1. Non-ducted air conditioners
    standards: SASO2681:2013(ISO5151:2010), SASO2663:2012
2. Refrigerators
3. Washing machines
    standards: SASO2683:2007, SASO2693:2007, SASO2692:2013

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