ENEC certificates accepted to access the Eurasian Customs Union

The establishment of the Eurasian Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia) has created a single market of 170 million consumers, a unified customs code, a unified customs tariff, unified foreign trade and customs regulations, and a unified legal framework of technical regulations. The benefits of the Customs Union are already being felt.

“ENEC proof of compliance and certification will be extremely beneficial to all three economies in facilitating the import of safe and efficient electrical and electronic goods,” said Pierre de RUVO, EEPCA General Secretary.

Products certified through the ENEC Scheme will provide EEC consumers, producers and trade partners with the quality assurance they need. It will ensure that products and equipment sold in the EEC, whether imported or manufactured locally, will meet the highest safety, reliability and performance requirements. Acceptance of ENEC Certified products will also help reduce key barriers to trade such as cost and time by removing significant delays and expense for multiple testing and approval.

“BELLIS is willing to accept ENEC Certificates (that also include Test Reports and Factory Inspection Reports) to products and equipment subjected to Mandatory Certification and/or Mandatory Declaration in the Custom Union as detailed in the Technical Regulation and for which BELLIS is accredited” said Yury PASHYK, General Director of BELLIS.”

Please view the agreement here.

Source: EEPCA website


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