Procedure for Registration of certificates at INMETRO

After certification of the product, the product must be registered at INMETRO before it can be sold on the Brazilian market. The Registration has to been done by the local representative.

The local representative  is an “Individual or Legal Entity”, public or private, local or foreign, legally established in the country, developing activities of production, assembly, creation, construction, conversion, import, export, recovery, repair, distribution of marketing of the product or provision of services”.

The Registration of object lies within the direct interest of the local representative, which shall not delegate this to third parties for an activity directly affecting the permission to manufacture and market its product.

Please find more detailed information about this in the attached documents.
Registro de Produto_FAQ_Inmetro_Portuguese.pdf

Registro de Produto_FAQ INMETRO_English.pdf

Please note: the Portuguese document is the original document.



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