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Technical information

Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
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Uruguay Certification mark(s)



DEKRA Local Support No
Capital Montevideo
Language Spanish (official), Portuno, Brazilero (Portuguese-Spanish mix on the Brazilian frontier)
Currency Uruguayan Peso
Area 176,215 sq km
Population 3,324,460 (July 2013 est.)
Time UTC -3
GDP Value: $5.467 billion (2012 est.) - Ranking: 94
Export volume Value: $9.907 billion (2012 est.) - Ranking: 94
Export commodities Beef, soy beans, cellylose, rice, wheat, wood, dairy products, wool
Import volume Value: $1.222 billion (2012 est.) - Ranking: 91
Import commodities Refined oil, crude oil, passenger and other transportation vehicles, vehicle parts, cellular phones
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IECEE member No
CB scheme member (NCB) No
Applicable standards IEC and UNIT
Certification mark(s)


Regulatory / Certification Requirements

Safety Mandatory Mandatory UNIT safety mark
EMC Mandatory Voluntary  
Energy Efficiency Mandatory Mandatory for specific scope