General information

Australia has regulations that apply to almost all electrical equipment and appliances imported and distributed within the country. The requirements set out in the regulations must be followed.


In the interest of safety, the Electrical Regulatory Authority in each State and Territory of Australia administers uniform regulations aimed at preventing the sale of unsafe electrical equipment. Through our close contact with the regulatory agencies in Australia, DEKRA is able to delivery test reports and certificates accepted by the local authorities.

Technical information

Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
I Plugtype

Certification mark(s)



DEKRA Local Support Yes
Capital Canberra
Language English 78.5%, Chinese 2.5%, Italian 1.6%, Greek 1.3%, Arabic 1.2%, Vietnamese 1%, other 8.2%, unspecified 5.7% (2006 Census)
Currency Australian dollars (AUD)
Area 7,686,850 sq km
Population 21,766,711 (July 2011 est.)
Time UTC +10
GDP Value: $889.6 billion (2010 est.) - Ranking: 18
Export volume Value: $210.7 billion (2010 est.) - Ranking: 21
Export commodities coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport equipment
Import volume Value: $200.4 billion (2010 est.) - Ranking: 21
Import commodities machinery and transport equipment, computers and office machines, telecommunication equipment and parts; crude oil and petroleum products
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CB scheme member (NCB) SAI Global
Applicable standards GB - Based on IEC: Yes
Certification mark(s) AU/NZ safety approval
RCM Mark (Former C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM)

Regulatory / Certification Requirements

Safety Mandatory Mandatory  
EMC Mandatory Mandatory RCM
Energy Efficiency Mandatory Mandatory Energy Labeling
Minimum energy performance