General information

DEKRA has been accredited by the Brazilian governmental body INMETRO to use its Testing and Inspection Services for conducting quality assessments and granting the conformity certification of products according to national and international standards. From now on, DEKRA can also issue the recognised DEKRA-INMETRO mark.


Technical information

Voltage 127/220V
Frequency 60Hz
C Plugtype
N Plugtype

Certification mark(s)

Certification Certification


DEKRA Local Support Yes
Capital Brasilia
Language Portuguese (official and most widely spoken language); note - less common languages include Spanish (border areas and schools), German, Italian, Japanese, English, and a large number of minor Amerindian languages
Currency reals (BRL)
Area 8,511,965 sq km
Population 203,429,773
Time UTC -3 (Brazilian)
GDP Value: $2.194 trillion (2010 est.) - Ranking: 8
Export volume Value: $199.7 billion f.o.b. (2010 est.) - Ranking: 24
Import volume Value: $187.7 billion f.o.b. (2010 est.) - Ranking: 22
Import commodities machinery, electrical and transport equipment, chemical products, oil, automotive parts, electronics
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IECEE member  Yes, Cobei
CB scheme member (NCB)  No
Applicable standards ABNT-NBR, NBR | Based on: IEC, IECEx
Certification mark(s) DEKRA-INMETRO Mark

Regulatory / Certification Requirements

  Regulatory Certification Mark
Electrical Safety Mandatory Mandatory DEKRA-INMETRO Mark
Explosion Safety Mandatory Mandatory DEKRA-INMETRO Mark
EMC Mandatory Voluntary  
Energy Efficiency Mandatory Mandatory