Access to European Markets.

CE marking
In the European Union, all products must comply with European Directives and carry CE marking to demonstrate this (CE is a statement issued by the manufacturer that its product complies with the relevant European Directives). This statement is represented on the product by the mandatory CE symbol. Depending on the risks involved, it is decided per product group as to whether or not the CE statement needs to be confirmed through testing by an independent third party, a so-called Notified Body. DEKRA is a Notified Body for the applicable European Directives.

Third-party testing and certification
At DEKRA we can assess whether or not your product complies with the latest European Standard (EN), thus underpinning your CE marking. For many products end-users and customers in Europe require a recognized certification mark, involving type testing of products and regular surveillance by DEKRA of both the product and the manufacturing location. We can provide the following certification marks: KEMA-KEUR, ENEC, HAR (for cables), DEKRA GS and KEMA EMC.

Access to other national marks in Europe OR One-stop shop in Europe
DEKRA is a signatory to the European CENELEC Certification Agreement (CCA), so our test and certification results are accepted by certification bodies throughout Europe. As a result, no retesting is required to get other national marks and extra costs can be avoided. With DEKRA, a single testing partner gives you access to virtually all European countries.

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